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Bishop Museum

Step back in time at the world-class Bishop Museum! Here you can learn all about Hawaiian history, Polynesian influences, see treasured artifacts and unique objects, discover how to make real lava – all under one roof. This is the premier cultural and historical museum in the entire Pacific region.

Bishop Museum Hawaii

Some of the Museum’s collections on display include the red and yellow feathered cape of King Kamehameha, a huge skeleton of a sperm whale, and 25 million other interesting items. A planetarium, a mock erupting volcano, and an impressive collection of 18th and 19th century Hawaiian art round out the exciting offerings at this not-to-miss destination.



* Visit the large gift shop and find a special gift to take home

* Restrooms available

* Fully accessible

* Cameras and camcorders are permitted


Iolani Palace


Iolani Palace has the distinction of being the only Royal Palace on American soil. In 1882 King Kalakaua, who wished to raise the Hawaiian Kingdom to international standards of opulence, spared no expense to have this Palace built as the official residence of the Hawaiian Monarchy.

Iolani Palace Hawaii

This stunningly elegant palace was an architectural marvel, and actually had electricity, telephones and indoor plumbing before the White House in Washington DC did. In 1893 during the upheaval and over-throwing of the Hawaiian Kingdom, the king’s sister Queen Liliuokalani was held prisoner here, in her own palatial home.
Today, this Palace is open to the public, where you can marvel at and roam the 7000 square feet of this National Historic Landmark. See how Royalty of 120 years ago lived here in Hawaii and witness history replay itself right in front of you.


* Don’t miss the collection of Royal Jewels in the basement!

* Cameras and camcorders are permitted

* Restrooms available


Wheelchair Access

All public areas of Iolani Palace and Iolani Barracks are wheelchair accessible.  However, the wheelchair lift is currently not working and the State of Hawaii will be replacing it by early 2016.  Motorized scooters and electric wheelchairs are not permitted in the Palace itself.  A limited supply of standardized wheelchairs is available for use inside the Palace for those visitors who are able to use the stairs, and we recommend reserving one in advance.  These wheelchairs are available on a first come, first served basis, free of charge.  Upon ticket purchase, please inform the cashier of special requirements.

A visual tour, complete with captioning, is currently being worked on that could be used during the interim and in future instances when the lift is being serviced.

To make a reservation, please call (808) 522-0832.


Pali Lookout

This stop off the Pali Highway is utterly breathtaking! Take in the amazing views of Oahu’s east coast from the large observation pavilion, where can see lush jungles 1000 feet below you and sheer peaks rising up another 1000 feet right beside you, far flung off-shore islets and close-by rolling hills, all framed by a gorgeous blue ocean.
Historically, this was the site of the famous 1795 “Battle of Nu’uanu Pali”, where King Kamehameha forced his enemy’s troops to their deaths over the cliffside. This battle ended the war and united all the Hawaiian Islands for the first time, ushering in a period of peace. Several historical plaques around the site detail this intense bit of Hawaiian history.
This is likely to be one of the loveliest panoramic vistas you will encounter in all of Hawai’i!


* Paved and accessible

* Cameras and camcorders are permitted

* Not a lot of shade, wear sunscreen and bring a hat

* There is a railing for safety, just hold onto your hats, it tends to be very windy

* A light jacket is recommended


Pearl Harbor

Take a stroll through history at Pearl Harbor, the site where hundreds of Japanese planes attacked the US Pacific Fleet on Dec.7 1941, leading the USA into World War II.
Your tour includes a 23 minute documentary film about the history of Pearl Harbor and the events of that fateful December day. Then you will be taken via shuttle boat to the actual resting site of USS Arizona, where you will board the Memorial and have time to visit and reflect at this historically important site.

Pearl Harbor Hawaii

Tickets to the Arizona Memorial will be pre-purchased for you, saving you valuable time on your day trip.

USS Arizona Pearl Harbor


* bags of any kind (purses, backpacks, etc) are STRICTLY prohibited at sites

* Cameras and camcorders are permitted, but no bags with them

* Arizona Memorial is Free but limited to the first 1300 visitors per day

* Arizona Memorial Tour Program lasts 1hr 15mins

* Pearl Harbor has full accessibility for disabled guests

* Not a lot of shade, wear sunscreen and bring a hat

* Grab a bite to eat at the Visitor Center’s snack bar

* Visit the small bookstore near the entrance

* Restrooms available at the Visitor Center

* There are no restrooms onboard the USS Arizona Memorial


Birthing Stones

This hidden gem is a culturally significant site located in the heart of Oahu, on an open plain with beautiful vistas all the way around. Many people enjoy the serene yet powerful “mana” or energy of this place, often described as a magical sort of feeling.
The Birthing Stones of Kukaniloko is an ancient archeological site rich with cultural history. It is where the royalty of Hawaii came to give birth to 50 generations of Ali’i – the royal chiefs, from the 12th to the 17th century. It was said that special divine powers were granted to those lucky enough to be born here.

Birthing Stones Oahu

In ancient days, giving birth here was a public event. The royal mother was attended not by midwives, but by the ruling elite men, 2 of whom sat to either side of her on the rock to assist her. Surrounding them were gathered 36 chiefs to witness the birth, and beyond them, thousands of commoners looked on awaiting the birth of their next Ali’i. A woven mat was placed under her, and the rock itself was believed to ease the labor pains.
To this day, Hawaiians visit here to perform sacred cultural rituals, connect to their past, and leave offerings. It is still revered as a place of fertility for those wishing to conceive.



* Please help to respect this scared place by not climbing on the rocks

* Not paved, but an accessible short dirt road leads from parking lot to the Stones

* Cameras and camcorders are permitted

* Not a lot of shade, wear sunscreen and bring a hat

* There are no restroom fascilities here


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